We were asked by Boron Management and Edo Wiersema from De Stadstuin to create –in a short period of time- a completely new brand and identity for a new start-up & scale-up hub in Utrecht. As were given a blank canvas, we were able to create completely new features to give meaning to the brand.

We found inspiration in computer UNIX commands and visual associations from the world of programming. Finally we came up with the name Dotslash or: ./ which stands for a UNIX command where the dot implicates your location and the / for initiating an action. An analogy that fits well with what the brand should convey: to provide a platform, but equally to motivate and facilitate actions.

In our choice of colour we wanted to emphasize diversity by means of repeating gradients. In order to do so, various references from code editors were used. This makes Dotslash a modern and inspiring brand, that allows start-ups and scale-ups to actively develop themselves.

Website with community area