After designing the Dotslash brand and identity, we were consequently asked to realise our concept in an actual building. Firstly, we transformed a former office building at Europalaan 100 in Utrecht into the first Dotslash location.

For this location we chose to emphasise the eco-system’s playful character. This resulted in an inspiring environment full of visual interventions, full of references from computer games and other form languages within the modern digital culture. We made sure the building as such provides tools to make businesses grow in an optimal way: extreme high-speed internet, a boardroom that would suit a multinational company, a visually impressive event space which stimulates creatively out-of-the-box thinking. Everything within an atmosphere of friskiness and ambition that perfectly suits the phase start-ups and scale-ups companies are in.

A boardroom that would suit a multinational company well.
A visually impressive event space, which stimulates out-of-the-box thinking.
Former fire walls wrapped in low-poly 3-D shapes with a former banister and custom designed lamp ladder on the inside.