Tacx Flux
Gerrit Schreurs Photography & Film

Tacx is a leading manufacturer of modern day cycling trainers. Combing hardware with the latest software features like: multiplayer racing, virtual reality rides and extensive training programs.

Gerrit Schreurs asked us to team up again to make a launch film for the new Tacx Flux smart trainer. A new prosumer trainer, making professional training affordable for a large group of people.

We wanted to communicate the accessibility of this new trainer. Not only it's competitive price-range, but also that it's compatibility with a wide variety of apps and technologies. This by showing actual usage instead of abstract product shots.

The film was made in just a little under a month with a very small but effective crew. Which made it a challenging project, especially because we did every aspect ourselves.

We used two great products from a company called Syrp, to replicate exactly the same tracking movements at different places.