Tacx NEO Launch
Gerrit Schreurs Photography & Film

Tacx is a leading manufacturer of innovative cycling trainers. They combine hardware with the latest software features like multiplayer racing, virtual reality rides and extensive training programs.

Photographer Gerrit Schreurs asked us to team up to design a full product launch event for Tacx’s latest product: the Tacx Neo, a high-end trainer, raising the level on extensive professional training.

We wanted to express the essence of the Neo trainer by bringing a true road feel to the launch. In order to achieve this, we came up with the idea of using a four screen setup where each screen had its own audio. This created a sensation as if cycling on a mountain road or as if looking from the inside at the machine manufacturing the Neo’s circuit board. All the while the audience had the ability to look around and hear different sounds from different directions: a custom-made 4D product launch film experience.

Using four 5x3 meter Full HD screens and four seperate audio setups, we were giving a true sensention of really standing in another reality.